” Nou pa moun ”, the cry of Beethova Obas

 ” Nou pa moun ”, the cry of Beethova Obas

Today, if there is a song that plunges me into the heart of dark, white nights, compared to the existential setbacks of my country, it is the unique and inescapable “Nou pa moun” of the singer-guitarist, composer and performer Beethova Obas engraved on her second opus “Si” produced by Declic Communication.

From the first notes, this piece of great philosophical and cultural significance thrills me with the arrangements on violins signed by the West Indian musical group “Malavoi”, recipient of the Maracas prize (Paris), which has distinguished itself since its creation in 1972 from by his compositions, by his orchestration mixing tradition and modernity.

“Filo” and “sugar cane” remain classics of Caribbean music.

The song “Nou pa moun”, with the scent of bossa nova, with the tender and sensitive voice of Beethova Obas currently residing in Belgium testifies indeed to the fragility of life, of human beings, regardless of their geographical location. , its cultural identity, because we are all exposed, in relation to natural disasters, global warming, epidemics, misery, dictatorship, bad weather.

“Nou fèb, nou frajil n ekspoze

pinga pinga danje

talè kon sa gate

misil, kokayin, H.i.V

yon legliz y ap chèche

by zanmoure te bezwen marye .. ”

It often happens to me to declaim loud and clear “Nou pa moun” on stage in my performances in Haiti and abroad, because it is above all a beautiful poem like the stars of the firmament, like a sunset in full summer which mingles with a catchy, catchy melody and which cannot leave indifferent even the most insensitive hearts.

“Tankou yon fèy palmis ki seche

k ap tann van soufle

pou li sispann pandye

tankou bwa pouri dlo bwote

ki kote l pral kore

konsa m santi la vi a prale .. ”

In this song, the composer Beethova Obas denounces in her own way, the injustice, the inequalities, the uncertainty, which mourn the daily life of our country. From events to events, from crimes to crimes, from files to files. We have reached a crossroads where the words “love”, “humanity” and “solidarity” have lost their truth, their semantic weight due to our exaggerated appetite for power, our pettiness, our lack of vision and clairvoyance.

“Si n ap viv

nou pa moun, nou pa moun

yon dòmi vole louloune

kòman l ap fè konnen sa k pase ALex ak Joujou

yon dòmi vòlè tout moun

kijan n ap fè konnen sa k fèt nan riyèl Odin ”.

Beethova is not disarming. He believes that the only remedy for our misfortunes remains unity and love.

” Si nou te ka chase tout bòs pent

wet lahèn mete lanmou

ala fèt nou ta fè nan lakou .. ”

“Nou pa moun” by Beethovas is a text to listen to and to meditate on, in these times damaged by chaos, schizophrenia, depression and amnesia.


Source: Le nouvelliste


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