Jhenny Louezir : « I love Carole Demesmin »

 Jhenny Louezir : « I love Carole Demesmin »

Carole Demesmin represents an important and essential figure in the Haitian musical landscape during the last thirty years alongside Yole Dérose and the diva Emeline Michel.

His works exude creativity, beauty, innocence, the marvelous, the sublime and above all his commitment to the preservation of our traditions, our beliefs, our habits and customs which are our pride and which constitute our essence as a people on the world geographic map.

In order to perpetuate the work of this local icon, the Haitian Prestigious Music Awards organization, based in South Florida, under the rule of Kerby Leveillé, has set up a singing competition called “I love Carole Demesmin ”who saw the coronation of Mademoiselle Jhenny Louezir, during the closing evening which was held on Saturday July 31, 2021 at the hotel the pavilion on the road of Frères (Petion-Ville).

A range of artists took part in this event, by submitting their respective videos, revisiting one or the other of the two flagship songs of the diva Carole. They are “Mawoule” and “Lumane Casimir”.

The winner Jhenny Louezir, aged 27, won over the jury made up of Myria Charles, Johnny “Djecee” Celicourt, Tafia mi-Soleil and Minouche Chouloutte, with her style, her elegance and above all the accuracy of her tone. vocal.

Passionate about painting and cinema, she pocketed the sum of two thousand dollars and will perform at the same time the song “Mawoule” on the stage of North Miami Beach arts performing theater, on January 15, 2022, during the 6th edition of Haitian Prestigious Music Awards.

The youngest daughter of the late Marie Astride Ledan and Lonicere Louezir dreams of becoming a great artist to educate young people and raise awareness.

Haitian Prestiguous Music Awards President Kerby Leveille highlighted the importance of the musical, artistic and cultural work carried out by Carole Demesmin throughout her long and successful career. “The time has come to honor this treasure of our music at its true value”, he confided.

Carole comes from the bowels of the city of Léogâne, “the city of Anacaona”, very famous worldwide for its traditional rara. She received musical training at Berkley College of Music (Boston), specializing in voice, and was able to acquire various skills. She also attended the Mass college of art, having a certain penchant for the field of visual arts.

In her rich record list, it is worth mentioning “Carole Mawoule” (1979), “en Rara” (1982), “Lawouze” (1884). “Carole Leoganèz” (2014), who knew how to cross time and space thanks to the depth of her words and the quality of the arrangements and the orchestration.


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