Waggy Tee
The Caribbean’s top regulated radio host with over 42 years experience in the entertainment industry has been nominated as the Prestigious Haitian Music Awards International Music Contributor of the Year.

Waggy Tee has been the integral pioneer of International music on WEDR, Miami’s 99 JAMZ, for 22 years. His show, the Bashment Explosion renders an international platform that breaks new artists; promotes world  music and enhances Caribbean, African and other world cultures.

Waggy Tee has mastered the art of clash, thus priding him the epithet “The King” Waggy Tee. His uncanny ability to render music in the art of war against other musical sound systems has been pivitol in his career. Thus lending to his international style of bringing new music to the masses.

The 4th Annual Prestigious Haitian Music Awards presents the Annual International Music Contributor Award to King Waggy Tee.

This award is presented to icons in the music industry who have been instrumental and integral to the promotion of international music. The award considers professionals in radio, publishing, promotions and various aspects of the music business, where the community is positively impacted by the awardee’s selflessness and continuous promotion of international music.

Thus, we recognize and honor King Waggy Tee.