Saskya is an international recording artist based out of South Florida. With the rise of social media, Saskya has been able to use her viral music covers, comedy skits, dance routines, and fun personality to capture the attention of her community and has since built a loyal fan base. In 2016 Saskya released her first official EP “DEBUT”, which allowed her to tour all throughout the United States and in Canada. After her tour ended, Saskya continued to perform locally and internationally. With the huge success of the release of her latest single “Chimen Lanmou”, Saskya held an online challenge and received tons of videos from her fans singing to the new single. The single has been played on some of the top radio and TV stations in Haiti and Europe, and has been played by some of the top international DJs worldwide. Following the success of “Chimen Lanmou”, Saskya was offered the opportunity to grace the cover of a top international magazine “Haiti Open” which has been distributed globally. She is now back in the studio working on her next project.