The PHMA Music Awards, the biggest music prizes in the South Florida, serve to promote the Haitian Culture. As a Platform for music-makers, professionals, and personalities from the politics, society and the media. In just a few years the PHMA Music Awards have made a big impact in South Florida.

Prestigious Haitian Music Awards has been an event that the small country of Haiti has long to display to the world for decades. The reason we as a community long for such an event of great magnitude is, because this gives the country the opportunity to really view the inner strength of the nation since the independence from the French bondage. This event will furthermore unleash and display a plethora of dreams and hope of a nation.

Music as we all know is the gateway to the soul. Music has always had a powerful ability to express various types of emotions. We as a country have been held back for decades during slavery and the effect has continued to carry on today.

The vision and the goal behind the Prestigious Haitian Music Awards is very special and extraordinary for the owners. Music has been proven time in and out to increase self-discipline, coordination, self-esteem, thinking skills, listening skills, creative abilities and personal expression. With that Prestigious Haitian Music Awards has partnered with several non–profit organizations for the advancement of the youth musical schools in Haiti.
Talents is a gift that many possess, but at the same time determination and dedication is what breathe life into their individual talents. Many of our Haitian artist that are engaged within the Haitian Music Industry, unfortunately are not able to read nor write music with the techniques that are often required in the music industry worldwide. “Education is the key to success”! We the committee are determined to grant many young talents the tools and education required to develop whatever dream they may have planted in their hearts. Being able to incorporate the music into the daily life of the school system in Haiti would be a great advancement for the growth of the country. This will assist with various key developing skills a young child is required to properly advance among others their ages across the nation.

Throughout the Haitian Music Industry we have also noticed a vicious pattern within the Haitian artist of the community that has given their musical talent for the involvement and development of the Haiti’s music industry. Unfortunately, because of the financial condition the country has been facing for decades their hard work has either vanished or the appreciation for the worked they has accomplished has become none existent. The result has left many talented artist either homeless, deprived and/or feeling unappreciated by the community. Our objective is to bring a change and make sure their legacy is displayed for years to come in our community and to provide an essential avenue to place them back on their feet physically, financially and spiritually. Once that area of concern has been built and stable we know that the Haiti is advancing in a positive aspect for other to distinguish.

Despite all the odds that are stacked against the Haitian community we are determined to defeat those adversities and push forward with the Haitian Music Awards. Helping the community is not a small task to combat, but we believe and have nurtured that small mustard seed of hope. Being able to build characteristics of the youth through other organized musical facilities, Acknowledging the past musician and helping their legacy continue to flourish throughout the generation, Assisting those legend with the proper foundation to rebuild their legacy and be able to live a life that is stable within the community. Being able to incorporate a system where the current artist are able to embrace what they have learned in the past and be able to grasp what is being taught in the 21st century.

These goals are not far fetch, but with everyone’s effort we know that a change in a positive direction is the key to develop a community that is yearning for the change. Haiti has fought since 1804 and the fight will continue with a force that is fruitful and meaningful to the community. Keeping our national statement and bringing life into “L’Union fait la force”, is the building ground to a change that will shine light to the Mountainous country of Haiti.